The rent is too high! Victorian renters call for action

Photo: RAHU – Renters And Housing Union/Facebook

The Renters and Housing Union organised a protest on Parliament House steps on October 22 calling for rights for renters.

The rally was part of its “Rent is Too High” campaign which aims to highlight how the need for rent caps and stable homes during the Victorian election campaign.

Several RAHU activists and renters spoke including Shiralee, who talked about landlords are unwilling to spend money on properly maintaining rentals, including treating black mould.

Chloe addressed the problems faced by those disputing rent rises in the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal. She said it did not help tenants out as it is supposed to.

These include limiting rent increases to once a year, creating an ombudsman to hear rental disputes between landlords and tenants and ending no-grounds evictions.

Socialist Alliance candidates Sue Bolton and Arie Huybregts attended the rally in support.

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