Release David Hicks!


On February 19, campaigners for the repatriation to Australia of David Hicks again demanded that the Australian parliament seeks his immediate release from the US military prison at Guantanamo Bay.

They also rejected the kangaroo court being set up by the Pentagon to charge and try Hicks, which could result in another two or three years of legal dispute in US federal courts.

Hicks was due to be tried before a US military commission starting in November 2005, but proceedings were cancelled following a US Supreme Court ruling invalidating the constitutionality of the commission process.

Marlene Obeid, a spokesperson for Bring David Home, said her group, and the Justice for Hicks and Habib group, are organising a rally at Parliament House in Canberra on the opening day of parliament (February 6). "Australians from across the political spectrum are now demanding the release and repatriation of David Hicks and members of parliament must do all that is necessary to redress the travesty of justice that has seen this young Australian spend five years and two months in legal limbo."

For more information, phone Marlene on 0401 758 871 or Raul on 0403 037 376.