Redfern Tent Embassy calls for help after storm

Redfern Tent Embassy at The Block.

As New South Wales is experiencing some of the strongest winds and rain in several years, the Redfern Tent Embassy is holding fast against strong winds and relentless rain.

Redfern locals, and activists have banded together over the past few nights to keep the activist spot at the Block running. The embassy was erected in protest of the Aboriginal Housing Company’s plans to develop on the site , placing th cheap and affordable Aboriginal housing the Block has previously provided.

However, despite the activist site’s continuation, the residents of Redfern Tent Embassy are putting the call out for support to help them remain resilient in the face of extreme weather.The Tent Embassy has lost six tents overnight due to flooding and will need extra supplies toget through the flooding. Redfern Tent Embassy Elder Jenny Munro said that they would also need people to come and help with the clean-up “when it’s all dried up.”

The list of items that the Tent Embassy requires are:

-Dry untreated firewood
- An axe-Blockbuster handle
-Size 13 – 14 boots for men
-Sledge hammer handle
-Floor hammer-Star pickets
-Six tents-Gumboots-Sturdy rain ponchos

RATE residents are asking people to get down, show support where possible, bring any of the items listed above where possible and help with the clean up in the aftermath.