Redfern ceremony will hand Aboriginal passports to refugees, supporters

Indigenous Social Justice Association president Ray Jackson with an Aboriginal Passport. Photo: Rachel Evans
June 21, 2012

Sydney’s Indigenous Social Justice Association (ISJA) says it will hold a ceremony in Redfern to give out Aboriginal passports to supporters. The ceremony will hand the passports to migrants, refugees and Australian citizens who want to give their support to Aboriginal justice.

Refugees will receive the passports for free. Others who want a passport will need to bring a passport photo and pay a $10 fee.

Ray Jackson, ISJA spokesperson said: “Aboriginal passports are recognising the Australian government has no legitimacy. The passport says we recognise the Aboriginal people are the legitimate owners of the land.”

The ceremony will take place from 11am on August 11 at the Redfern Community Centre.

For more information call Ray Jackson 0450 651 063 or Raul Bassi 0403 037 376.