Rally to save Sydney College of the Arts

On October 6, students took part in banner drops, live artwork and marches at Sydney University's Camperdown campus to save the Sydney College of the Arts.

A rally included speeches from Grant Wheeler CPSU, Alexi Glass Art Space and Clair Parrafait NTEU followed by lively march through campus to the university's Chancellory building.

The rally also offered solidarity with the student movement in South Africa, campaigning to lower fees. Students have come under attack there from the South African state.

Photos by Zebedee Parkes.

Save SCA banner unfurled
Save SCA rally
Students rally to save SCA
Sydney College of the Arts is set to close
Students are determined to keep SCA going
An occupation of the SCA campus at Rozelle is ongoing
Student speaks out against the closure.
Save SCA rally
Creative action to save SCA
Students explain the issues to a lecture room full of Sydney Uni students
Save SCA from closure.