Rally opposes coal industry


On July 31, ALP environment spokesperson Peter Garrett and Labor leader Kevin Rudd — or at least larger-than-life puppets of them — lead a march of 150 people in Newcastle against the coal industry.

The puppets highlighted the fact that the ALP, through the NSW Iemma government — supported federally by Garrett and Rudd — is behind a projected massive expansion of the coal industry. The march passed the offices of the federal and state ALP politicians to present letters demanding action against Australia's principal contribution to climate change: the mining and burning of coal.

Rising Tide spokesperson Vanessa Bowden told Green Left Weekly that "the ALP, like the federal government, is making a mockery of concerted efforts by Australians to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They are prioritising the selfish concerns of coal corporations above the public's genuine desire to avoid catastrophic climate change."