Rally for nurse-patient ratios

Nurses and midwives want nurse-to-patient ratios. Photo: Rachel Evans

About 200 nurses and midwives rallied outside NSW Parliament House on September 18 to demand formal nurse-to-patient ratios in all hospitals.

The NSW Nurses and Midwives Association (NSWNMA) called on the state Coalition government to introduce mandated, shift-by-shift, nurse-to-patient ratios, with one nurse for every three patients in emergency departments and paediatric wards, and one nurse for every four patients in medical and surgical wards.

NSWNMA general secretary Brett Holmes told the rally: "Safe patient care is a matter of life and death. Mandated ratios will allow nurses and midwives to do their job safely."

"Frankly, ratios can save lives; shortages of time can mean that in unfortunate circumstances a deteriorating patient can be overlooked."

[For more information visit ratioslifeordeath.org.au.]