Rally for Julian Assange on the 18th Anniversary of the Invasion of Iraq


11:00am Saturday 20 March


Parliament Lawns
nipaluna/Hobart City TAS 7000


This Saturday 20 March marks the 18th anniversary of the illegal, unilateral invasion of Iraq. This horrific war is estimated to have killed over one million civilians, but It seems to be largely forgotten already.
Thanks to whistle blowers and publishers like Julian Assange and Wikileaks, we came to better understand the terrible deceptions and secrets surrounding this war, including a manufactured lie about weapons of mass destruction by some of the most powerful people on this planet. If we don’t defend press freedoms that expose the lies, deception and war crimes, then we will never learn from the mistakes and lessons of history and are bound to repeat them.
We invite you to rally this Saturday at 11am on Parliament House Lawns to continue the campaign to bring Julian Assange home to Australia.
When: Saturday 20 March,11am
Where: Parliament House Lawns, Hobart
What: Rally to Free Julian Assange with contributions from:
Senator Peter Whish-Wilson
Andrew Wilkie MP, Federal Member for Clark
Free Assange Hobart
Christine Milne
Amnesty International