Rally against GST on tampons

Wednesday, February 23, 2000

Rally against GST on tampons

CANBERRA — As part of a nationwide campaign against the GST on tampons, women here presented health minister Michael Wooldridge with a "Declaration of the GST on Sanitary Products" on February 16.

The declaration was made out of sanitary products by members of the Women's Electoral Lobby and was intended to remind Wooldridge that a national day of action will be held on the issue on February 25.

Other health products, such as condoms and sunscreen, have been exempt from the GST. Resistance member Keara Courtney told Green Left Weekly, "The GST on tampons is an attack on women's right to essential items. In fact, this regressive tax will, as a whole, disproportionately affect women. It should be abolished."

In Brisbane, preparations are under way for the February 25 protest action, to be held at King George Square at 12.30 pm. Women from trade unions, student networks and political parties have formed the Brisbane Women's Collective to organise the rally.

Slogans for the rally include: "The GST is bloody expensive", "GST: bad for all, worse for women", "Another month we can't afford", "No tax on tampons, no tax on anything" and "Tax the rich instead".

Men are welcome to attend the rally, which will march to the Liberal Party headquarters. At 7pm there will be a women's performance night of Venus Rising at the Queens Arms, in James St, New Farm sponsored by the women's collectives from the three universities in Brisbane.