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@9point = The Story of Pop: Young, Loud and Snotty — Britain's youth by the late '70s found traditional rock music devoid of rebellion, so when the Sex Pistols burst on the scene with what became known as punk music, it was an overnight sensation. ABC Radio National, Friday, August 4, 8.05pm.

@9point = Indian Pacific: The Japan That Can Say Sorry — In a series of programs, Peter Mares travels to Japan to assess the range of responses to the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II. 74-year-old Taeko Tomiyama, who grew up in Japanese-occupied Manchuria, paints out of a concern with the fate of the "comfort women". Kenji Ono, a factory worker, spends his spare time researching the history of the 1937 Nanjing massacre. At the other extreme, authors rewrite history as though Japan won the war. ABC Radio National, every Saturday, 8.05am, until August 19.

@9point = Background Briefing: The Republic of Cyberspace — The Internet may make feasible electronic democracy, argue this program's producers. Will the Internet make big central government irrelevant by creating self-organising "virtual communities" linked by computers, or will on-line government mean a form of "knee-jerk" democracy" or even "electronic mob rule"? ABC Radio National, Sunday, August 6, 9am (repeated Tuesday, August 8, 7pm).

@9point = The Words to Say it: Dr Aila Keto — Founding president of the Australian Rainforest Conservation Society, biochemist Aila Keto is one of Australia's leading environmentalists. On Hiroshima Day, she speaks about the personal dimension of her concern for ecology and the world's future. ABC Radio National, Sunday, August 6, 6.30pm.

@9point = Radio-Eye: Don't Forget Nagasaki — August 6 is the 50th anniversary of the dropping of the atom bomb on Hiroshima. That tragedy has tended to obscure both the suffering and significance of the bomb that fell on Nagasaki on August 9. ABC Radio National, Sunday, August 6, 8.30pm.

@9point = Accidental Death of an Anarchist — Dario Fo's classic comedy, based on the 1969 death of Giueseppe Pinelli. He "fell" from the fourth floor of the Milan police HQ. But now a "maniac" has got into the building and attempts to trick the police into a confession. ABC Classic FM, Tuesday, August 8, 8pm.

@9point = Encounter — How the Viennese Jewish community has survived the Holocaust. Also reflections on Hiroshima, the bomb and nuclear anxieties in the Pacific. ABC Radio National, Wednesday, August 9, 7.10pm.

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