Radio highlights


International Playhouse — New Every Morning — This comedy tells of Nelson and Althea, a middle-class couple who are endearingly indecisive, especially when it comes to the issue of "babies". They muddle through trying desperately to come to terms with the bigger issues, while the smaller ones defeat them anyway. ABC Radio National, Friday, December 2, 8.05pm.

Green and Practical — With Dr Peter Jacklyn. The latest coverage of all things environmental plus lots of "how to do it" information. ABC Radio National, Saturday, December 3, 8.05am.

Sunday Stereo Season — Pagliacci — Leoncavallo's masterpiece of verismo opera. Canio's wife Nedda, who dreams of a more exciting life, plans to run away with her lover Silvio. Her desires bring tragic results. Pagliacci is based on a genuine incident of passion and unrequited love. Simulcast on ABC TV. ABC Classic FM, Sunday, December 4, 8.30pm.

Community Aid Abroad/Radio National Appeal for Africa — All over Australia the network is suspending regular programs in order to run the Appeal for Africa. A day of fascinating radio, with intriguing and eye-opening specialist information and the latest music, politics, science, arts and religion from the continent. ABC Radio National, Sunday, December 4.

Transmit to the Max Fund Appeal — Radio Skid Row will host its first major fundraiser in years. This time it's to fund an increase in volume and broaden the transmission area. RSR is one of a kind. Apart from the station's commitment to local artists, it supports community projects and presents a huge cultural mix, including 17 community language programs and presenters from Fiji, Africa, Italy and so on. The station needs to raise $12,000 to increase power from 30 to 100 watts. So tune in and lend your support. Radio Skid Row 88.9-FM, Saturday/Sunday, December 3-4.

Mixed Plate — Aldous Huxley — Huxley is remembered first and foremost as the author of Brave New World, the popular prophetic classic about a technology fixated future. But Huxley was also influential in other ways: he wrote satirical novels and was a prominent supporter of the peace movement. ABC Radio National, Monday, December 5, 12.30pm.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu — A direct broadcast of a lecture by Tutu from the Great Hall of Parliament House in Canberra. ABC Radio National, Tuesday, December 6, 8.05pm.