Radio highlights


Radio highlights

You Can Touch Me ... I'm Part of the Union — At a time when union popularity and membership are on the decline, one Australian union has decided recruit a group of workers previously ignored by the trade union movement — sex workers. ABC Radio National, Saturday, April 20, 3.30pm.

Book Reading: My Place by Sally MorganMy Place is the remarkable story of an Aboriginal writer tracing the experience of her life, growing up in suburban Perth in the '50s and '60s. ABC Radio National, beginning Monday, April 22, 3.05pm and 11.05pm.

Radio FBi 96.9 FM — Sydney's newest public broadcaster, FBi (Free Broadcasting inc.), returns to air with a test broadcast from April 19 to May 5. There will be special coverage of this year's Youth Week (April 21-28), with current affairs programs focused on young people, youth culture and popular Australian music.

Reggae Splashdown — Acknowledged as Sydney's leading edge reggae radio show, Splashdown after 10 years still brings the best and latest from Jamaica's dozens of small labels and studios. While most Australians equate reggae with the pop industry's deification of Bob Marley, the reality is that Jamaican music is the product of a small, developing economy. It doesn't enjoy the slick marketing of the major music corporations; in fact, most Jamaican music doesn't make it on to CD, and therefore rarely reaches the ears of the average listener. Brent Clough and the team fill the gap. 2SER Sydney, 107.3 FM, Mondays, 10pm.