Protests demand: ‘Lift the sanctions on Venezuela!’

A protest against sanctions on Venezuela, Brisbane, July 27.

A rally was held outside the United States Consulate in Martin Place on July 27 to condemn the US government's campaign to overthrow the government of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro through illegal sanctions and threats of military intervention.

Rally chairperson Coral Wynter read out an open letter released that day, signed by 45 academics, unionists, journalists and solidarity activists, among others, calling on the Australian government to: reverse its recognition of opposition leader Juan Guaidó as “interim president” of Venezuela; place pressure on the US and European nations to lift their sanctions on Venezuela; and categorically rule out any support for a military intervention against Venezuela.

Speakers at the rally included Aboriginal "Water for the Rivers" campaigner Bruce Shillingsworth, who gave an Acknowledgement of Country; Federico Fuentes from the Latin America Social Forum; Linda Harris from the Communist League; Sydney University academic Robert Austin; and Pip Hinman, representing the Stop the War Coalition Sydney.

About 20 people protested in Brisbane that same day for an end to sanctions on Venezuela. Speakers pointed out that the sanctions are illegal, have been responsible for tens of thousands of deaths and are part of the US's regime-change agenda against a progressive government.