Protesting BlackRock’s support for Adani

Photo: Rigmor Berg

Two women climbed palm trees in Chifley Square on December 8 and unfurled a banner calling on BlackRock CEO Larry Fink not to fund Adani.

The protest was organised outside the Sydney HQ of the United States multinational investment management corporation.

The usually cold and windy day did not lend itself to the beach party protest theme which aimed to honour the palm trees and highlight that fossil fuel induced climate change would result in zero beach parties when the seas keep rising.

We were dressed in hula hula skirts, Hawaiian T-shirts, garlands of leis, sarongs and various sun hats.

The protest was organised by People of Faith, a religious-based group which includes Jews, Christians, Muslims and Buddists. NSW Police Rescue arrived but was not needed.

[Support the movement to stop Adani by emailing Larry Fink at with a message.]