Protesters tell PM: 'Take coal out of politics'

September 8 rally in Cronulla. Photo: Zebedee Parkes

“Kick coal out of politics” was the key message protesters sent to the new Prime Minister from Cronulla Park on September 8.

The action in the PM's electorate involved some 500 people and was part of the global #Rise for Climate. It was one of 40 protest actions organised in all capital cities and some 30 other cities and towns across the country.

Actions focussed on clean energy where people and justice are put before profits were organised in 83 countries.

Speakers at the Cronulla rally included: Joseph-Zane Sikulu from 350 Pacific; Aref Taleb, a local youth climate activist with the Australian Youth Climate Coalition; and Miriam Lyons, from GetUp!

Isaac Astill, from the Stop Adani campaign, told the crowd: “We want to take democracy back from the control of the coal industry. The majority of Australians agree with us. Our challenge is to turn this sentiment into action.”

The protest was organised by GetUp!, Greenpeace, Solar Citizens,, AYCC, the Climate Action Network, Stop Adani, the Nature Conservation Council and Tipping Point.