Protest hits Qld uranium mine plans

Anti-uranium mining protesters erected a giant 'radioactive barrel' outside Queensland parliament on May 15. Photo: Jim McIlroy

Protesters erected a giant “radioactive barrel” outside Queensland parliament on May 15, the first session under the new Liberal National Party (LNP) state government. The protest, sponsored by Friends of the Earth Brisbane’s Peace Anti-Nuclear and Clean Energy Collective (PACE), was held to oppose a push for uranium mining in Queensland, banned under the previous Labor government.

The protesters said: “In the lead-up to the election [premier] Campbell Newman and the LNP expressed hesitation about uranium mining. Now that the LNP is in power, uranium proponents are pushing for the opening of mines in Queensland — and the LNP has no clear policy against [it]. The LNP has also listed 'nuclear energy policy' as a responsibility of the Department of Water and Energy Supply.

“No Can-Do, Campbell! LNP must continue the longstanding ban on uranium mining in Queensland and maintain the prohibition of nuclear power in this state.”

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