Protest and counter-protest greets Netanyahu



MELBOURNE — Tensions flared outside a private meeting addressed by former Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu in St Kilda on August 12, when 150 supporters of Palestinian self-determination were confronted by Zionists on the other side of the street.

"Stop the bombers", chanted the Zionists, referring to Palestinian suicide bombers who have killed dozens in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv in recent months. "Stop the bombers", came the reply from the other side of the road, referring to the orchestrated use of artillery, rockets and F-16 jet fighters against Palestinian communities, which have killed far more people than the suicide bombings.

The meeting was attended by Labor premier Steve Bracks and federal Labor leader Kim Beazley, who attacked Palestinian "terrorism".

Members of the DJDS, a Jewish organisation which supports the Palestinian struggle, had received an anonymous phone call threatening violence if a Palestinian flag was flown at the protest, but extremist Zionists evidently backed down, and two Palestinian flags fluttered proudly over the vigil.