Protest against US bombing of Baghdad


Protest against US bombing of Baghdad

By Jenny Long

SYDNEY — Around 120 people gathered outside the US Consulate on June 29 to protest against the cruise missile bombing of Baghdad by the United States. The protest, which was called by the Australian Anti-Bases Action Coalition, heard a range of speakers condemn the latest outrage by the US and the Australian government's enthusiastic support for the attack.

Denis Doherty, national coordinator of the Australian Anti-Bases Action Coalition, commented, "The US has already destroyed Iraqi industry and services, and children are dying in their thousands. Now they decide they have the right to punish a country before any trial has taken place. The CIA is infamous for its lies and disinformation, yet President Clinton accepts its claims as evidence. Giving this credence to the CIA must be because President Clinton had already decided it was advantageous to spill blood."

He added, "In our view, Australia's leaders are also culpable, particularly foreign minister Evans, who willingly justifies every lethal move by the United States, regardless of the issue."

Doherty proposed a standing arrangement for responding to further acts of US aggression by meeting at the US Consulate at 4 p.m., two days after each attack.