Private canal plans opposed

An inland private canal and marina precinct has been proposed for Point Peron.

About 70 people campaigning to save Peron Point from becoming another unwanted canal project braved heavy storms in an action on May 8. They marched from the property of the developer, Cedar Woods, to state parliament in Western Australia to present a petition of more than 8000 signatures.

Greens MP Lynn MacLaren accepted the signatures and addressed the rally with several Labor politicians looking on.

The vocal crowd chanted and listened to speakers including Greens candidate Dawn Jecks and outspoken town planner Greg Gooroo at an “open mic”.

The extent of the proposed development at Point Peron is not widely known. The plans on the board are for 77 hectares (190 acres) of land to be used to make an inland private canal and marina precinct.

This will consist of private residential houses and a marina with a capacity of up to 500 vessels. Unless you have a spare million to buy something like this, it probably won't benefit you.

The developer has plans to cut deep canals in the proposed area. Opponents fear this will affect the hydrology of a large area including endangering the thrombolites living in Lake Richmond. Thrombolites are an ancient life form that was once widespread and now exists in only a few tiny pockets throughout the world.

The Hands Off Point Peron group is calling for the community to help the campaign. Socialist Alliance supports this campaign.