Poetry: A battle over truth

This is a battle over truth and freedom of the press. But the debate has been shifted to focus solely on one man, because it is much easier to vilify a man than freedom and democracy. Freedom will be plucked from our hands if we debate it on the merits of one man.

For freedom, not Assange

Silent steps are taken in the dark

The shadows of history are seen on the walls

Power cringes in the light of truth

Behind closed doors truth is classified

Our fate sealed with government stamps

Truth only becomes truth by inspection


So the gates are locked

Truth deemed such a fragile flower

That it would wither in the public eye

Or could it possibly be the blossoming of liberty

Forces of freedom now stand

Or forever have it plucked from your hand


Information is the key

To unlock the chains around democracy

If it is lost, then we have all lost

Surrendering freedom because we didn’t like a man

Distracted by conjecture the battle is won

Without ever whispering the name of the game