Poem: 'Refusal'

March 9, 2022
Image: Ilya Pakhomov from Pexels


What would happen if

we would only say or do

something when we are

fully aware of its true

meaning and consequence?


Take the words ‘light’, ‘love’.

Do we really know what we

are talking about,

let alone experience

and embody their truth?


And those in places

of power and policy,

who decide on all

matters of war and peace, of

health, wealth and equality,


when they say the word

‘representation’, yet act

from a place of denial

and exclusivity, of

division and ignorance,


what if they would stop

and examine what they are

saying and doing,

allowing us all to break

patterns and chain reactions?



There would be a great silence

rising from the sight

of utter absurdity.

We would see ourselves and weep,


for crying out loud!

And then pick up the pieces

together, driven

by bursts of laughter and

sudden creativity,


see the myriads

of possibilities and

potentially start from

scratch, helping each other to

keep that open mindedness.


Am I just naïve

and hoping against hope in

a time of madness,

in the face of manmade pain

operated through dark webs?


Could such deafening

silence stop the damage caused,

so we can start a

healing process to transform

our ways on this planet?


Can our resistance

against ignorance, willful

destruction and strife

be a turning point, compass

towards that ‘love’, ‘light’?


Perhaps we need both

much dialogue and action,

and much stillness

in deep reflection and calm.

And when in doubt, go on strike.

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