POEM: Peace crimes


Insidious war
civil war
to the accompaniment
of patriotic
really unrelenting
honourable members of society
in paranoid march
socialisation savagely civilising
national hypnosis
general narcosis
lest we feel the mines
secretly scattered around
by wretched powerful creatures
who with vacant gaze
and tight jaws
injure the truth
in guileless eyes unsettled
in broad limelight
they carry around
their deaf dead bodies
smartly disguised
with immaculate clothes
flashing spouses
palace-like houses
their filthiest linen
in grand pits they flush
and the beggars they own
off the streets they brush
they anger then gag you
to chase you
and hold you so you cannot run
to wake you
just when you start to dream
to catch you
before you can even scream
the blood of their outrages
shoots right up
it heats up and flares
and boils and swears
they that sowed the mines
will reap the explosions.
They are wanted by justice
for peace crimes in its name
in its absence.