Poem: Borders; Where Has Your Smile Gone; Parenthesis in Reality (Dream?)



Rivers don’t interrupt their flow
at national borders.
Mountain ranges don’t answer to their names
in different languages.
The air is not confined within the limits
of national air space.
The waves don’t stay still
to preserve their nationality.
Birds don’t need a passport
to migrate.
Souls don’t carry identity cards
to be certified.

And humans live in their parallel world.
But that’s a different history…


Your smile
a mask of despair
from an ancient tragedy.
Your look
a ghost of liveliness
of other times.
Your voice
a whisper of apology
for its naughty past.
(“Sorry I once dared to raise myself.”)

Don’t look at me like that
when I still happen
to smile occasionally.
It wasn’t me who robbed you of your smile.


(to open a parenthesis in reality
to embrace the dream tenderly roundly
to hold it with its two arms to bolt it
away from the ring of any escort of violence)
Maybe this way we can live.
Not in the margin of life,
but in its heart.

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