PHOTOS: Refugee activists rally across the country at Omid vigils and #BringThemHere protests


Recently the PNG supreme court ruled that detaining asylum seekers and refugees is in breach of its constitution. The Australian government is saying they will not bring the 850 asylum seekers in Manus detention centre to Australia.

Omid, a 27 year old refugee on Nauru self immolated in front of UNHCR officials and said beforehand "This is how tired we are. This action will prove how exhausted we are. I cannot take it anymore."

There are currently actions happening across Australia calling on the government bring the asylum seekers and refugees in Manus and Nauru to Australia and vigils demanding justice for Omid.

Read more about the PNG court case, Omid and horrors of offshore detention here:

Sydney Friday 29 April a couple of hundred people rallied outside the department of immigration.

Photos by Zebedee Parkes

Hundreds of people came out to the Bring Them Here Melbourne rally, sat down on the streets and raised there arms in solidarity with the asylum seekers on Nauru protesting.

Photos by Ali Bakhtiarvandi


Photos by Ali Raza

Sydney vigil for Omid

Photos by Zebedee Parkes