Photos: Hundreds turn out for 'Abolish the monarchy' rally

Hundreds rallied to say "abolish the monarchy" on the September 22, Labor's so-called Day of Mourning.

Lizzie Jarrett, Lynda-June Coe and Gwenda Stanley, among other speakers, expressed the outrage of First Nations people at the crimes of the monarchy and their representatives.

Justice is needed, they said, not undeserved tears for a dead monarch.

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Lynda-June Coe says 'abolish the monarchy'
Lynda-June Coe says 'abolish the monarchy'. Photo: Alex Bainbridge
Always was, always will be Aboriginal land
Always was, always will be Aboriginal land. Photo: Alex Bainbridge
We never needed your approval to exist
We never needed your approval to exist. Photo: Alex Bainbridge
Treaty, republic, decolonise
Treaty, republic, decolonise. Photo: Alex Bainbridge
Stop Black deaths in custody
Stop Black deaths in custody. Photo: Alex Bainbridge
No tears for dead royals
No tears for dead royals. Photo: Alex Bainbridge
Justice now
Justice now. Photo: Alex Bainbridge