Photos: Don't fall for far right lies — vaccines save lives

A counter rally was organised on November 20 against the far right anti-vax demonstration on the same day.

Rally-goers chanted "Anti-vaxxers, you can't hide, you've got Nazis on your side" and "Stand with nurses, stand with doctors, fight against the anti-vaxxers".

While aware that the anti-vax demonstration would attract more people, the protesters pointed out that the majority view across society supports those standing up for public health. Further, they said the right wing anti-vax movement has to be challenged politically even though, initially, smaller numbers are involved.

The counter protest marched from King George Square to the Botanical Gardens where the right-wing rally was held.

More photos can be found at the Green Left Facebook page.

Don't fall for far right lies: vaccines save lives
Don't fall for far right lies: vaccines save lives. Photo: Alex Bainbridge
Protesting at Botanical Gardens
Protesting at Botanical Gardens. Photo: Alex Bainbridge