Palm Sunday protests against Jabiluka


Palm Sunday protests against Jabiluka

Rallies will be held in many centres on Palm Sunday, March 28, to protest against the Jabiluka uranium mine and other aspects of Australia's involvement in the nuclear fuel cycle.

In Melbourne, the rally is being organised by a coalition involving the Jabiluka Action Group (JAG), church groups and unions. Sydney JAG is organising a march and rally which will also highlight the federal government's plan to build a new reactor at Lucas Heights. The feature speaker will be anti-nuclear campaigner Dr Helen Caldicott.

In Brisbane, JAG is planning a rally in conjunction with People for Nuclear Disarmament. Perth JAG is planning to link up with church groups in a protest outside the stock exchange against corporate investment in the uranium industry.

Events are also being planned in Newcastle, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Wollongong and Adelaide. If you can help build the Palm Sunday action, phone: Adelaide JAG on 8232 0736; Brisbane JAG on 3846 5793 or 3846 0246; Byron Bay ENuFF on 6685 7932; Canberra JAG on 6251 7476; Darwin JAG on 8981 1984; Hobart ENuFF on 6234 6397; Lismore ENUFF on 6621 3123; Melbourne JAG on 9417 6660; Newcastle JAG on 4962 2851; Perth JAG on 9272 4252; Sydney JAG on 9514 1190; Wollongong JAG on 4226 2010.