Anti-racists protest tying up of migrants By Peter Waits YDNEY — On February 22, the Democratic Socialists and Resistance organised a demonstration to condemn the recent arrest and roping up of "illegal immigrants" in Victoria (see article page
By Tyrion Perkins SYDNEY — Staff at the University of Sydney held a strike on March 1, the first day of classes, over enterprise bargaining. Management has proposed a wage rise of just 1.75%, way below the inflation rate, and wants numerous
Timorese students support referendum On February 21 Green Left Weekly's SAM KING Spoke with MARCOS DA CRUZ, the chairperson of Renetil (National Resistance of East Timor Students) Yogyakarta. Question: There has been much pessimism in the
'Illegal' labour and inhumane immigration policy By Jon Singer The front-page newspaper photos showed workers sitting on the ground, handcuffed or bound with rope. Their employer, Joe Vraca, a farmer at Murchison near Shepparton in Victoria, told
By Damien Bradley HOBART — On the Parliament Lawns on February 20, Resistance organised a speak-out against the Jabiluka uranium mine. The speak-out was chaired by Edwina Foster; speakers included Huw Lockwood, Ema Corro and Alex Bainbridge, all
WELLINGTON — The New Zealand government is proposing a law that would extend the powers of the Security Intelligence Service (NZSIS) to break and enter into "any place" in New Zealand. The New Zealand Security Intelligence Service Bill 1998 is
The heroin problem, and the other one In English writer Samuel Butler's 19th-century satirical novel Erewhon, the inhabitants of the mythical country attempt to breed a race of healthy and beautiful people by punishing sickness and infirmity as a
By Emma Webb ADELAIDE — Six hundred people attended a rally and march against the Jabiluka uranium mine on February 21. The action coincided with the world music festival Womadelaide and was organised by the Jabiluka Action Group (JAG). The rally
Taking on the system A few weeks ago, the NSW ALP organised a $1000-a-head fundraiser at one of Sydney's most exclusive seafood restaurants — hardly a function for the "battler". And who won the 12 bottles of Grange Hermitage (worth around $3000)
Southern comfort Lyrebird — Tales of HelpmannBy Tyler CoppinDirected by Adam CookAt the Playhouse, Sydney Opera HouseUntil March 19 Review by Mark Stoyich The three greatest South Australians of my lifetime were Don Dunstan, now sadly mourned;
Never again: women's experiences before the '70s By Sarah Stephen PERTH — Denise White was the honorary secretary of the WA Association for the Legal Right to Abortion during the 1970s and early '80s and a founder of the Abortion Information
Tools of oppression By Rick Mercier A recent wave of killings in East Timor, coinciding with a propaganda offensive proclaiming the imminence of civil war, indicates that the Indonesian military has discovered the usefulness of paramilitaries in
A Place Called ChiapasSBS March 9, 11.30pm (11pm SA) Review by Sandra Wallace On January 1, 1994, several thousand indigenous campesinos staged an uprising that gave them control of 25% of Chiapas, Mexico's southernmost and poorest state. The
By Nick Gebhardt SYDNEY — 2SER is relaunching itself as Sydney's underground music and talks station. After many months of discussions about the station's programming, we came up with the idea of uniting our music and talks programming under the
Jabiluka: World heritage nightmare for government By Jim Green Once again, the federal government has been seriously embarrassed over the possible listing of Kakadu National Park as "world heritage in danger" because of the potential impact of
The article "Socialism versus Anarchism" [Resistance, February 10] was so full of popular misconceptions and half truths, that we members of the group "Consciously Anarchists" felt it was imperative to submit a reply. Even before beginning the


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