NSW State Rail jobs to be cut


NSW State Rail jobs to be cut

By Chris Spindler

SYDNEY — A review by State Rail management may result in 1750 jobs being lost in NSW. The job cuts are related to the state Labor government's refusal to continue $115 million of funding.

Most of the cuts are aimed at customer service (25% staff cut), Countrylink (50% staff cut) and management (44% cut). Overall, there will be a 20% cut in staff by 1999.

The State Rail chief executive, David Hill, maintains that jobs will be lost only through voluntary redundancies and that customer services and safety will not be compromised.

However, the cuts will most directly affect travel centres, building maintenance, customer service and Countrylink station attendants. Many country and city stations will be left unattended.

Privatisation of rail services is the clear objective of the government as the Rail Services Authority now has to compete with private tenders. Hill's aim to corporatise State Rail reveals that profit rather than improved public transport services is the priority.