NOWSA conference set


NOWSA conference set

By Annabelle Crabb

ADELAIDE — One of the year's most important dates for Australian student women is the annual NOWSA (Network of Women Students in Australia) conference. This year's conference will be held here July 7-10.

This year we have decided to stage a public forum to which we will invite non-student women as well as those attending the conference itself. There will be a discussion on the future direction of the Australian women's movement with reference to events taking place both nationally and worldwide.

Overall, the program for the four days could be described as hectic.

Daily the conference provides one forum and two blocks of workshops on a wide range of issues. The workshops range in content from women and the GST to massage, to witches and political activism. Women are encouraged to pursue subjects that they develop an interest in and even run their own subsequent workshops during the week.

We hope that each workshop will come up with a recommendation which can then be debated and passed at a plenary session at the close of the conference. The document emerging from this session acts as a gauge of where NOWSA is at and what issues are of most importance to women students in Australia.

However, the NOWSA conference is never all work and no fun. Every evening there is entertainment arranged for those who still have the energy to dance, sing, talk or make music.

Child-care will be available from 9 a.m. daily until late at night.

Registration is $40, ($50 for Adelaide women as a travel levy), and includes an evening meal on the 6th for early arrivals, a midday meal, all forums and workshops, lunchtime entertainment, all evening entertainment including Friday night's dance, child-care and accommodation (by billet). Daily registration will be approximately $10. The conference will be centred at the Adelaide University Union Building.

For more information or to register for the conference, contact your campus women's officer or representative or the women's officer at Adelaide University: SAUA Women's Officer, c/- GPO Box 498, Adelaide SA 5001. Phone: (08) 228 5406, 228 5383 Fax: (08) 223 2412.