EC rejects US anti-Cuban bill The European Community has announced it will not accept the extension of US territorial jurisdiction over its member nations. In a letter issued to the US State Department last April and circulated on June 19 by
The African National Congress on June 21 suspended negotiations with the white minority government following the massacre of 39 people in Boipatong township. The Boipatong killings appear as part of a pattern of government-sponsored violence,
The following article really appeared in the June 16 issue of the Sun, a "newspaper" sold in supermarkets in the United States. Aside from the humour it unintentionally provides, it is an interesting commentary on the "free" media of the US.
By Steve Painter Telecom workers at mass meetings around the country have voted for an industrial campaign over management plans to cut its work force by 4400, with further cuts expected. Up to 12,000 jobs may be threatened in the medium term.
ACT women score abortion rights victory CANBERRA — On June 23, the ACT Legislative Assembly voted by 10 to 7 to repeal 1978 legislation banning the establishment of a free-standing abortion clinic in the territory. An estimated 2000 women
By Peter Boyle MELBOURNE — About 140 representatives of government, Industry, the ACTU and Community organisations were invited to a forum titled "Youth Employment and Training — A Bridge to the Future" at Victoria's Parliament House on
Rochedale dump 'legal' By Bill Mason BRISBANE — "We will never give up trying to stop the dump. We won't give up until we've at least we've got a wider buffer zone", Glenys Head, spokesperson for Rochedale residents fighting a proposed
NOWSA conference set By Annabelle Crabb ADELAIDE — One of the year's most important dates for Australian student women is the annual NOWSA (Network of Women Students in Australia) conference. This year's conference will be held here July
Hypocrisy is the Greatest Luxury The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy Reviewed by Nick Fredman Hard beats and hard politics are delivered by this San Francisco hip-hop duo. Michael Franti and Rono Tse originate from the very political Bay Area
Anti-gay law in Nicaragua On June 11, Nicaragua's National Assembly passed Latin America's most repressive sodomy law. The Sandinista bloc opposed the law but was outvoted by the right-wing forces of the pro-US UNO coalition. By 43 votes to
National incest survivors conference By Rose McCann SYDNEY — The first Women's National Incest Survivors Confest will be held on July 10-12 at the University of NSW. It is organised by women who consider themselves part of the grassroots
By Steve Painter SYDNEY — A blazing row has erupted between Sydney and Newcastle officials of the bus workers' union (ATMOEA) over a deal struck by Sydney officials with the Department of Transport. The deal was accepted by a majority at a
Publication schedule Because many of the people involved in the production and distribution of Green Left will be attending the Resistance conference in Melbourne, we are not publishing a paper next week. The next issue will be the one dated July
Stephen Rix The retreat from public ownership The sale of a merged Qantas/Australian Airlines marks the latest development in the sorry saga of federal ALP retreat from ALP policy on public ownership. Such retreat is indicative of the ALP's
Comment by Liam Gash There is a widespread dislike and suspicion amongst AOTC's employees of its perceived "American management". This may partly be due to anti-American sentiment or the desire to find a scapegoat for the constant threat of
By Peter Boyle Both the federal and Victorian governments have suggested that the solution to youth unemployment is contained in the Carmichael Report, a document from the Employment and Skills Formation Council named after it author, former


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