Green Left Weekly was established on the principle of networking between activists involved in campaigns — for the environment, for women's liberation, for lesbian and gay rights and many others. The coverage that Green Left gives to these issues is a testament to the paper's success. Green Left's greatest strength is that it is written by, and for, activists.

Over the two weeks that this issue of Green Left is current, there will be a range of activist conferences centred on Melbourne. Over the week of July 3-7 will be the Network of Women Students in Australia (NOWSA) conference, bringing together women students from around the country to discuss strategy. Green Left will be covering as well as participating in the conference.

From July 8 to 10, Melbourne will host the 24th Resistance national conference. The Resistance conference will draw together young socialist activists to discuss and plan actions and education. On the Saturday night there will be a video presentation on the role of Green Left in facilitating the success of social rights campaigns.

Next, July 10-14, will be the Queer Collaborations conference, discussing a wide range of issues related sexuality. Green Left will be present here also.

Whether or not you can make it to Melbourne for these important political conferences, Green Left will. The next best thing to being there, will be reading about it in the paper that keeps activists in touch. Green Left Weekly — it's your newspaper. n