National protests demand extradition of Adriana Rivas

Rallies were held in cities around Australia on August 30 to demand the extradition to Chile of former Pinochet regime secret police agent Adriana Rivas.

This follows revelations shown on SBS last year about her involvement in repression of political prisoners as a member of the National Intelligence Agency of Chile during 1976-77.

On January 15, the Chilean Supreme Court applied for the extradition of Rivas from Australia for her participation in crimes against humanity. The extradition request is now with attorney-general George Brandis, who will decide whether to refer the case to the High Court for final resolution.

The campaign is calling on the "Chilean, Latin American and Australian community to demand the Australian authorities comply with the immediate extradition of Adriana Rivas”.

In a leaflet distributed to passers-by at the August 30 protest outside the Sydney Town Hall, the campaign said: "How is it possible that a criminal accused of aggravated kidnapping, kidnappings that resulted in the torture and disappearance of many people in Chile, has been allowed to live in Australia for so long?"

"We demand from the Australian government an urgent response to this situation, and we need an explanation as to why she has been allowed to remain in Australia, a country that embraces democratic principles."

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