National forum series


Marxism: outdated theory or guide to revolution?

Growing inequality and hunger worldwide, sexism, racism and environmental destruction explode the lie that the 21st century heralds a new capitalist era of peace and prosperity. Worsening living standards for the majority of people, and the lack of any real "democratic" outlets for dissatisfaction, makes rebellion inevitable.

Most academics who teach "Marxism" at university write it off as an outdated theory: students are told that communism has failed, that we have reached the end of history. But what solutions does "triumphant" capitalism have to offer the world's people?

Marxism was never just about theory. It's about action. Since Marx and Engels wrote the Communist Manifesto in the aftermath of the revolutionary upsurges in Europe in 1848, Marxists have sought to guide rebellion toward revolution.

How well does Marxism explain the world today, and help us understand how to change it? This forum will seek to answer this and many related questions. Is the working class still a viable revolutionary force? How does the struggle for socialism relate to other social movements, like those for women's liberation, environmental sustainability and against racism? Are revolutions doomed to become corrupted by bureaucracies (like in the Soviet Union)?

Come along to discuss these ideas, and how to take action to change society.