Musos unite for SOS Blak Australia campaign

Joelistics with Emma Donavan and The PutBacks is supporting #SOSBlakAustralia.

Four big Australian musical acts have united to release two tracks in support of SOS Blak Australia's campaign to oppose the closure of dozens of remote Aboriginal communities.

Elefant Traks said Emma Donovan & The PutBacks joined You Am I singer Tim Rogers and rapper Joelistics to cover Warumpi Band's 1985 anthem “Blackfella Whitefella”. Donavon and her band also joined legendary Aboriginal signer Archie Roach for a “deep soul rendition” of Roach's heartbreaking hit “Down City Streets”.

ElefantTracks said: “This release supports the massive grassroots movement led by SOS Blak Australia, an organization dedicated to supporting Aboriginal communities in remote Western Australia currently under threat of closure.”

The songs will be available via HopeStreet Recordings with all proceeds go to

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