Museworthy: Jose Touches His Toes



Museworthy: Jose Touches His Toes

Jose's smooth bum
leans up against the cold wall
Tight pants
go all the way to the floor
And Jose says
“It feels like a cunt
It really does”
And the man looks
at Jose's smooth face
and small hands
and tight smile and says
“I ain't never had
a woman in prison,
you sayin' I should
start now?”
Tight pants
fall all the way to the floor
And Jose touches his toes
and says
just look on it as a
situational constraint.”


MTC Cronin has had seven books of poetry published, the most recent being Bestseller (Vagabond Press, 2001) and My Lover's Back — 79 Love poems (UQP, 2002). After being employed for most of the 1990s in law, she has in recent years begun teaching literature and creative writing at secondary schools and universities. She is currently working on a PhD, Poetry and Law: Discourses of the Social Heart. Her books are available by contacting her at <> or phone (02) 9550 2918.

From Green Left Weekly, July 10, 2002.
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