Museworthy: The Family of True and Well Snails


The Family of True and Well Snails

Stand up!
on the pink cross
of the poor skinny tree —
If you cut your hair, don't!
Tear it!
The two-hand prints
are on your face
and breast.
God has his paintbrushes out
to paint you.
You say to him
I have a bottle of plants
in my pocket.
My finger is magnetised
by love.
Protect me from the holiness
that will take off all
my skin.
My branches
they are golden
and dangerous.
Stand up!
the family of true and well snails
is living in this tree.
Mighty scars are to be made
in getting human.


MTC Cronin has had six books of poetry published, the most recent being Talking to Neruda's Questions and Bestseller (both Vagabond Press, 2001). Another collection, My Lover's Back, is forthcoming in 2002 (UQP). She is currently working on a PhD, Poetry and Law: Discourses of the Social Heart, and has recently received an Established Writers New Work Grant from the Australia Council for the Arts. Her books are available by contacting her at: <> or ph: (02) 9550 2918.

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