MUA Sydney branch expresses support for Venezuela

Paul McAleer

Message of solidarity from branch secretary Paul McAleer on behalf of the Maritime Union of Australia Sydney Branch. 


The MUA Sydney Branch continues its long tradition of supporting radical and social justice movements in Venezuela and throughout Latin America. 

We are inspired by the Bolivarian revolution, which threatens imperialist hegemony on the continent. 

While threatened by neoliberal terrorism, the Venezuelan peoples’ revolutionary movement must continue its drive to build socialism and replace centuries of slavery, brutality and oppression that manifests itself through the capitalist exploitation of the people and environment. 

The MUA Sydney Branch will always be on the side of the oppressed and exploited and we will continue to fight alongside our Venezuelan comrades until exploitation is smashed and justice is delivered to the courageous working class of Venezuela. 

[Published in the Australia Venezuela Solidarity Network July 2017 special liftout.]

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