Most young Americans support Palestine, new Gallup poll shows

"While found that a slight majority of Americans believe that Israel's latest assault on Gaza is justified," on August 3, "amongst those under the age of 30, more than twice as many Americans say that Israel's aggression in Gaza is unjustified (51 per cent) than those who say it is justified (25 per cent).

"The same holds true for people of colour (49 per cent versus 25 per cent)."

Noting, "In recent years, the solidarity movement in the US has been revitalised by student activists", the article also pointing to, "Large demonstrations against Israel's assault on Palestinians in Gaza were staged across the US" on August 2.

It said: "The public outpouring of support for Palestinians in US streets suggests that Washington's pro-Israel policies are becoming increasingly unpopular, a trend supported by a recent poll on Israel's latest aggression, which finds that young Americans are twice as likely to support Palestinian rights than Israeli occupation."

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