From the miner


I went down to the mine to black diamond country

So the face of the earth would be warm comrade

For years I silently waved a pick in this prison

So that my children would smile comrade

But there is no one smiling in our home

Walk they say walk to hunger they say walk

Black diamond has become a coffin if necessary die they say

The day will come without shame they'll tell those who weep to smile

I've no more patience for lies

Today we didn't go down to the mine to black diamond country

Greetings to you comrade

To these faces that have become pale with a deathly longing for light

Strike strike the sun has risen comrade

From now on there's nothing left to lose

Those oppressed underground call to those on the ground

The minerals are ours they say if necessary death they say

The day has come strike they say comrade

From now on there's nothing left to lose

They came from the depths of the earth

In their hands an underground sun that didn't know how to be silenced

However much suppressed at the bottom

That's how much the echo of their hearts didn't know how to drown

Slowly they came

Then they came everyday in greater numbers

With their women children and applause

They came like yoghurt starters

Like dividing and sharing well done bread

Like water like fire

Every day new mouths were added to their mouths

Their legs met with new roads

Every day new shells began to crack

New ears began to hear what they were saying

In the end they became one city

And changed the name of the country

Lyrics by Grup Yorum.

Poem by Adnan Ozer.

Translated by Leyal Aksu.

[In memory of the Great Miners' Strike by the coalminers of Zonguldak, Turkey from November 30, 1990, to January 27, 1991]