MIM blasted in acid raid study


MIM blasted in acid raid study

By Bill Mason

BRISBANE — MIM Holdings emits more than half as much sulphur dioxide as the whole of Japan, according to a report commissioned by the World Wide Fund for Nature.

Sulphur dioxide is the major component of acid rain.

The report, prepared by Sydney academics Dr David Roser and Professor Alistair Gilmour, said the Mt Isa smelter operated by MIM produced 690,000 tonnes of sulphur dioxide, compared with 1,1 million tonnes from Japan.

Professor Gilmour said on October 31 that Australia had emissions equal to those of all the countries of South-East Asia.

He said Australia had to put its own house in order. Australia ran the risk of being labelled hypocritical as a consequence of the "environmental subsidy" implied in allowing industry higher emissions than those permitted by trading partners.

Queensland Greens spokesperson Drew Hutton has revealed that MIM Holdings is the only company to have exemptions from the Clean Air Act. He said it was outrageous that an industry leader was excluded from anti-pollution laws.