A million miles from commerce


A million miles from commerce

A million miles from commerce

By Monesque

BRISBANE — From out of the bush, or probably more accurately, out from the alternative set of Brisbane and neighbouring regions from Maleny to Nimbin, come two nature-loving people who devote their lives to the country's natural resources.

Rather than computerised, electronic sounds, Primitive Moon relies on raw human energy. I first heard them at Brisbane's newest alternative market in the Valley, where buskers are actually paid by the organisers once a week, and they can also accept donations.

I was struck by the pure, high, strong voice of a woman singer accompanied by guitar and congas. Now I'm listening to Primitive Moon's first demo tape, with Megan on vocals, piano, recorder and guitar and James on guitar, congas and other percussion.

They sing about nature and escaping from the city, about social problems, pollution, about food stripped of nutritional value, and other issues. This is good, honest music about sharing human experiences. It's a million miles from the ego-driven, money-obsessed commercial music scene.

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