Members win back public service union

PPSA members Anne Gardiner and Leon Parissi.

The Progressive PSA (PPSA) team has won important victories in elections for the 43,000-member NSW Public Service Association (PSA). PPSA member Anne Gardiner won the top position of General Secretary, and PPSA candidates took all positions on the 45-member Central Council. A recount will be held for other executive positions following an extremely close vote.

The PPSA is made up of activists and union delegates who campaign for greater job security; improved and more equitable pay; sustainable jobs in a sustainable environment and a democratic and strong union.

The PPSA has pledged to organise a sector-wide campaign against public service cuts, outsourcing and privatisation. The former PSA leadership closely associated with the ALP had proven themselves incapable or unwilling to mobilise workers against the attacks from the Barry O’Farrell government.

In a related election, voting has started for the NSW branch of the State Public Service Federation, the federally registered branch of the PSA. The PPSA is running Belinda Sugden for federal secretary. If elected, she promises to coordinate an inter-state campaign against cutbacks.