Melanesian women speak on family planning


Melanesian women speak on family planning

The Australian Council for Overseas Aid (ACFOA) is touring two women, Geraldine Maibani-Michie from Papua New Guinea and Junilyn Pikacha from the Solomon Islands, to provide a first-hand account of Melanesian experience in relation to women and family planning.

Billed as a follow-up to the International Conference on Population and Development and the Independent Inquiry into Population and Development, the tour will focus on the social and cultural aspects surrounding these issues.

Both speakers are involved in the policy and grassroots levels of child and maternal health issues and family planning. Maibani-Michie teaches at the Department of Community Medicine, University of PNG, and Pikacha works for the Solomon Islands Planned Parenthood Association.

A highlight of the tour will be a visit to the Nowra and Wreck Bay Aboriginal Health Centres to share ideas and information relating to women's health and fertility control issues as experienced by indigenous communities.

See the calendar, pages 30-31 for details of events, or ring Sue Finucane on (03) 417 1388.