Medicare Blues


Medicare Blues
(with thanks to Elvis for the tune)

em = By Phil Shannon

Oh, people let's reform

your costly Medicare

Put a few co-payments in

and watch it shred 'n' tear

Oh let's reform

your ... Medicare
I don't want to be a Hewson

'cause Hewsons play too rough

I'll just be a "Left" MP

'cause we talk social justice

... but act as tough
It's only two fifty

and that you can all spare

And if you fall there's a safety net

as you drop through the air

oh, let's reform

your ... Medicare
I don't want to be a Liberal

'cause they suck up to wealth

I prefer to tax and charge

the working class to pay for

... their "free" health
I am a preacher man

I keep wolves from the door

I like the sick and the lame

I really love the poor

So much I will

make ... many more
I ain't no socialist

they're soft as teddy bears

I just want to try austerity

on your jobs, your schools and

... your Medicares

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