Media cops


The role of the establishment press in reporting the August 19 rally in Canberra was a gross display of sensationalism. Not happy to leave it at the level of distorting the news, the Sydney Morning Herald has turned its hand to doing the police's dirty work.

Hoping to implicate union officials (not the police), the SMH has launched its own investigation into the events at Parliament House by analysing photos taken when the glass doors were forced open by the people assembled outside.

This role as Constable Plod's little helper is not only disturbing, but also exposes the capitalist media biases and the interests they represent.

Green Left Weekly was there on August 19 in Canberra to report what really happened. Unlike the establishment reporters, who are shackled by their bosses' corporate interests, Green Left Weekly is not held ransom to the advertising dollar, and can give you the real story without the hype.

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