Marxism 2000: for people who take politics seriously


By Kerryn Williams

SYDNEY — The Marxism 2000 Asia Pacific Solidarity and Education Conference initiated by Resistance and the Democratic Socialist Party will be a major forum for discussing youth and student issues and campaigns.

Along with the opportunity to assess the prospects for socialism in the 21st century, a whole variety of feature talks, panels and workshops will discuss issues for women's liberation, solutions to the environment crisis and theoretical questions and debates about how revolutions are made.

Some of the highlights will include:

  • young activists from the Indonesian Committee for Socialism presenting talks on Indonesia's democratic revolution;

  • Maung Maung Than from the All Burma Students' Democratic Organisation reporting on the struggle for democracy in Burma;

  • a special workshop presented by socialist youth activists from Resistance, the Philippines and Indonesia on revolutionary youth collaboration in Asia.

Some of the key debates amongst the left in the student movement in Australia will also be taken up.

One workshop will address the current strategy, tactics and way forward for the student movement in fighting the government's attacks on education and building solidarity with other struggles.

Sean Healy, former Resistance national coordinator, will debate Love and Rage on the need for a revolutionary organisation.

Resistance magazine editor Zanny Begg will debate the issue of Autonomist Marxism.

The series of workshops on women's liberation will cover many of the debates that have raged amongst campus feminists: from the origins and nature of women's oppression to the role of women-only organising.

Resistance national coordinator Wendy Robertson will present a plenary talk on the role of youth in the struggle for socialism on the final day of the conference. Throughout the five days there will be a range of opportunities to find out more about Resistance and the Democratic Socialist Party, and how to get involved in various campaigns.

For a full agenda or more information contact Resistance on (02) 9690 1230.