Marriage equality rallies sweep the country


Equal marriage rallies were held on November 23 in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.
About 500 people braved wet weather to march for  marriage equality in Melbourne. Speakers included  United Firefighters national secretary Peter Marshall. He said:  "How does a government have the right to say that your love is  not equal? This leads to less workplace rights than heterosexuals.  Unions do not like discrimination. You are supported, you will win this."

United Firefighters national secretary Peter Marshall: 'You will win this.'

Greens Senator Sarah Hansen-Young said: "It's time Australia caught  up with the rest of the world. We need to give as much solidarity  to people in the ACT as possible. State parliaments also need to move forward, so we need marriage equality in Victoria."

In Sydney, up to 300 people rallied. It was hampered by heavy rain, but spirits remained high.

The rally was addressed by comedian Hannah Gadsby, trans activist April Ladcombe, NSW independent MLC Alex Greenwich, NSW Greens MLC Mehreen Faruqi and Community Action Against Homophobia co-conveners Karl Hand, Cat Rose and Evan Van Zijl. Right-wing Christians protested opposite the rally, threatening hellfire and damnation to equal marriage supporters.

Two weeks ago a bill for same-sex marriage defeated by only two votes in NSW Parliament's upper house.



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