Malaysia: Protest for Thai democracy

On April 14, a delegation of 30 people led by Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM) staged a protest at the Royal Thai Embassy in Kuala Lumpur. The protesters included PSM Selangor state assemblyperson Dr. Nasir Hashim and PSM member of national parliament for Sungai Siput Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj, as well as a representative from the Student Federation of Thailand.

Protesters handed a memorandum to the first secretary of the Royal Thai Embassy, Mr. Montri Nathananan, who said that he would pass it on to the Thai government. PSM reaffirmed its support for the mass movement of Red Shirts in Thailand to struggle for democracy and social justice.

The Red-shirt movement has grown into the largest democratic movement in the history of Thailand. It has shaken the power structure of the ruling elite especially the royalist.

If the Thai pro-democracy movement can overthrow the oligarchy rule through massive mobilisation from below, it can be a great step forward for the Thai people to build a real democracy and social justice based on people's power.

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