Loose cannons


We also decide who's a 'democratic nation'

"With respect to democratic nations that are friends of ours, we only go where we are invited." — US Secretary of State Colin Powell, March 21.

Too bad for everyone who's not

"Not only will we win the war on terror to secure the peace in the world, we will show the world that a diverse nation from all walks of life and all religions can be compassionate and kind and hopeful for everyone who's lucky enough to be an American citizen." — George "The Crusader" Bush, March 19.

Wants to bury it

@column ="There is no cave deep enough for the justice of the United States of America." — George the Crusader, March 19.

He's tryin'

@column ="Let me see if I can put this into English, or Texan." — George the Crusader, March 18.

From Green Left Weekly, March 27, 2002.
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